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General Questions & Answers

How do I setup MetaVPN?

We provide one click to set up ability in our applications, Go to the client area and download the client applications.

What's the difference between a Proxy and VPN Service?

A VPN secures all your network traffic, while a proxy works on an application level. They both hide your IP address, but only a VPN redirects your internet data through an encrypted tunnel. A proxy is suitable for browsing the internet, but it's not as safe and secure as a VPN.

Can I use your VPN instead of my current ISP connection?

No, you need an existing (Cable, DSL, dial up, Satellite, etc) internet connection to be able to use VPN service.The VPN service is not a replacement .

Account related Questions & Answers

Can I get trial account prior to purchase?

No, We do not provide trial period, But we have 7 days money-back guarantee.

How many concurrent connections do you allow?

You can use up to 6 device per account.

How can I test VPN servers’ connectivity for my current location?

We provide servers in multiple countries, you can download the connection configuration file of the server, and then connect to test separately.

Technical Guideline/How to Use

I can connect, but cannot browse.

Please refer to the help document, or submit a ticket to us.

Does this site or device work with MetaVPN?

We support all networks, including TCP/IP, TCP/UDP, ICMP, BT, etc..

What ports should be open on firewall/router for it to work?

TCP/UDP 94/9400.